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Return Policy

  1. General Information
    1. In these terms and conditions:
      1. "Fields Data Recovery" refers to "Fields Associates Limited" a UK registered company whose registered address is "Fields House, 18/21 Old Field Road, Bocam Park, Pencoed, CF35 5LJ, UK"
      2. "Client" refers to any business, charity or any other legitimate entity with the necessary authority to agree to these terms and conditions who has sent, or may send digital media and associated peripherals to Fields Data Recovery for data recovery services to any of its offices or postal boxes worldwide (a list of which can be found on our website www.fields-data-recovery.co.uk)
      3. "Media" refers to any hard disk drives, floppy disks, USB Disks, External Hard Drives (where the hard disk remains securely attached to the enclosure), Laptops, Personal Computers Tapes or any other digital storage device sent to Fields Data Recovery
      4. "Peripherals" refers to any items associated with the media such as wires, leads, controller cards, unattached external enclosures which can be readily detached from the media without affecting its ability to store digital data.
    2. These terms and conditions only apply to the return of the digital media originally sent to Fields Data Recovery by the client and does not apply to the carriage of any recovered data which is covered by the general terms and conditions which can be found on our website
    3. While Fields Data Recovery will use reasonable care to safeguard your media while it is in our custody, Fields Data Recovery disclaims all liability and responsibility for any harm or destruction caused to any caddy when it is necessary to open them in order to access the internal HDDs, which could result in irreparable damage. As a result, only the internal HDDs will be returned, not including the damaged external caddy. 
    4. Fields Data Recovery is not responsible if a warranty is nullified as a result of work that was re-quired to provide the data recovery service.
    5. If no request has been made at the time the inquiry is made or via a written letter enclosed in the package, any peripherals supplied by the client, such as cables, original boxes, etc., may be dis-carded. Fields Data Recovery is not responsible for replacing any discarded peripherals, including the device's original box in the event that it was required for a warranty claim.
    6. The client acknowledges that if the original media are not requested back within 14 days of declining the quotation or the shipping of recovered data, the media will be disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The company cannot be held responsible or liable for any ongoing warranty claims where the original media needed to be returned if a request is made for its return beyond the 14-day period and we have already disposed of it in an ecologically friendly manner.
  2. Shipping Services
    1. Fields Data Recovery undertakes to offer a free return shipping service to paying and non-paying customers in accordance with advertisements made on its website but the client accepts that the free return shipping service does not apply to laptops, media that came with peripherals or media whose combined weight is more than 2kg
    2. The client accepts that standard mail returns are processed once per calendar month on the last working day.
    3. The client accepts that the expected delivery time via standard mail is 21 days and via courier service is 3 days and that this time frame is calculated from the date of recovery plus 14 business days.
    4. The client accepts that the delivery times quoted in 2.3 are not contractual and accepts that Fields Data Recovery is not responsible for any loss associated with late deliveries either by standard mail or by courier service
    5. The client accepts that in accordance with the general terms and conditions of service the media and/or peripherals may be located at one of Fields Data Recovery's offices worldwide and that the free return shipping service is for standard mail only - does not include a courier service -the client therefore accepts the following:
      1. The free return shipping could be provided by any of the following; Deutsche Post (Germany), Royal Mail (UK), La Poste (France), Correos (Spain) and Priority Mail (USA)
      2. A signature may not be required and the client therefore accepts that Fields Data Recovery will only be required to provide proof of dispatch
      3. The client accepts a photocopy of the front of the parcel showing postage and address label affixed as proof of dispatch or a tracking number from any of the carriers listed in 2.5.1
      4. The client accepts that tracking numbers may not be available for standard mail services
      5. Providing Fields Data Recovery can provide proof of dispatch the client accepts that Fields Data Recovery is not responsible for loss of the media and/or peripherals resulting from the postal service
    6. All other shipping requests are subject to the following charges:
      Media type Weight allowance Service type cost
      All media Up to 2KG Free post Free
      All media Up to 1KG DHL £18 Inch VAT
      Multiple Drives + Small RAIDs 1KG - 4KG DHL £35 Inch VAT
      Multiple Drives + Large RAIDs 4KG - 10KG DHL £49 Inch VAT
      Large towers / Servers / Monitors 10KG - 20KG DHL £79 Inch VAT

      Please note Large towers / Servers / Monitors this is a min cost each item will be assessed individually and a cost provided upon request.

      1. Fields Data Recovery accepts credit or debit card (VISA/Mastercard/AMEX) as well as Paypal or bank transfer for payment of shipping services
      2. All parcels dispatched using the courier service will be via DHL, UPS and the client accepts a tracking number from any of these carriers as proof of dispatch
  3. Redress for lost media or peripherals
    1. The clients accept that providing Fields Data Recovery provide proof of dispatch it is not responsible for any financial loss resulting from loss of the items whilst with any postal or courier carrier
    2. The client accepts that any media or peripherals sent to Fields Data Recovery were faulty and their tangible value is therefore a maximum of $1, €1 or £1 and that this is the extent of the liability to Fields Data Recovery if items are lost prior to dispatch
  4. Legality
    1. The client agrees that all media and its content provided to Fields Data Recovery is legal and the lawful possession of the client and that the client has the legal right to request data recovery services, as described under the Laws of England and Wales

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