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How much will it cost?

Our costs are consistently the lowest in the UK because, unlike other companies, we have all the necessary specialist expertise, facilities, hardware, software and laboratory facilities on site, so we never outsource our work to any other company.

Fields is changing the dynamic of the data recovery industry; working to an ethos of high job turnover. Higher volumes of throughput allow its engineers to quickly build a huge knowledge base of all common faults in specific media. The result has been to dramatically reduce the amount of time spent researching a particular failure on each media thus reducing the amount of resources required per recovery. Fields Data Recovery also holds an extensive inventory of components and parts for all types of media (dating back 17 years), reducing the delays in sourcing specific parts.

This keeps our costs and processing time down to a minimum so we can pass on our savings to our customers.

The cost of recovery depends on the type and amount of work required. We can recover data from a 3.5 inch floppy disk for as little as £35 + VAT. However, a RAID server system may require a 4-day re-build, new parts and purpose-written software to recover all data and cost upwards of £3,000. Currently, our average recovery fee for a standard hard drive requiring a typical logical recovery is £275 + VAT.

How long will it take?

Our fastest recovery was a 3.5 inch floppy disk, which required a simple recovery process and took just 35 minutes.

Our longest recovery was from a fire-damaged server and, due to the severe damage to the hard drive cases, took 13 days. We currently have an overall job turnaround time of 48 hours - from receiving the media to returning it to the customer.

How much data can be recovered?

90% of recoveries allow us to recover 100% of the data from any media. Very often it is just as efficient to recover all of all the media's data, as it is to recover specific, individual files.

Have you come across this before?

During our 17 years in the data recovery industry we have witnessed just about every conceivable cause of data loss and worked on every type of hard drive.

How will you return the recovered data to me?

We can return recovered data to you in anyway you care to specify; CD, DVD or a replacement hard drive. We recommend that 40Gb or less of data can be returned on DVDs whereas more than 40Gb of data be returned on a new, replacement hard drive.

Do you offer your services to individual consumers?

At this time, our services are available to businesses exclusively and we do not provide data recovery services to individual consumers. In the event this changes, our website will be updated accordingly.

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